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Calculate Your Safety ROI: It's Easier Than You Think!

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety May 31, 2022

nsc-calculator-heroAlthough countless business decision-makers think of health and safety as a sunk cost—it's really an investment—and a shrewd one at that. Study after study confirms that organizations that invest in safety save money, boost efficiency and perform better in the long term. 

Every $1 invested in injury prevention returns between $2 and $6 (NSC - Safety + Health).

But how do you quantify the financial impact of your safety program—both now, and what it could be, if you invest in technology to enhance it? Fortunately, the National Safety Council has come up with a nifty Return on Investment (ROI) calculator so easy that any decision-maker can use it to compare a business-as-usual approach against investing in technology. The calculator lets you calculate the ROI for eight key technologies, among them lone worker mobile applications and proximity monitoring wearables, tailored to the size and scope of your estimated purchase. 

The calculator has been produced as part of NSC’s Work to Zero Initiative, focused on educating employers on the vast benefits, most notably the reduction of serious injury and fatality (SIF) events, associated with investing in safety technology. The calculator complements NSC’s whitepaper Making the Business Case for Safety Innovation which highlights the eight technologies and their benefits in even greater depth. It’s a terrific initiative and we laud the NSC for their efforts here. 

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We’ve got even more resources on the benefits of safety technology at www.blacklinesafety.com/resources. You can also check out Blackline Safety’s own products and services anytime. 


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