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ESG at Blackline Safety

ESG at Blackline Safety

With a mission to save lives and get people home safely, a commitment to sustainability by protecting people, planet and prosperity has always been a part of what we do at Blackline Safety. And — with our hardware-enabled Software as a Service (HeSaaS) connected safety devices, services and partnerships — we enable and strengthen the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of our global customer base too.


With our inaugural 2020 ESG Report, we turn the focus more deeply on our ourselves, examining our performance against key metrics and charting a path and creating goals to set ourselves up for a sustainable future. The report has been developed using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). We are committed to disclosing our progress and challenges — fully and transparently — at a time when ESG expectations continue to grow.




Message from our CEO


“Our whole ecosystem of people, customers, vendors, partners, investors and other stakeholders have built Blackline into a technology and safety leader and supported our sustainability journey.”
                                       – Cody Slater, CEO and Board Chair


Message from our Lead Independent Director


“Over the past year, the Board has worked with Blackline Safety to continue challenging itself in the areas of data security, business continuity, diversity and inclusion, regulatory compliance, health and safety for its employees, and how the company is reaching new markets worldwide. I look forward to continuing to support the company’s ESG efforts as they evolve.”

– Cheemin Bo-Linn, Lead Independent Director
and Governance, Compensation and Sustainability Committee Chair



Our values drive us forward

The growth we have experienced and our expansion as a company has been guided by our commitment to our values. While our values are not new, in 2020, we took the time to formalize and share them. We embody them daily, preparing us all for even faster growth.

By living our values, we enhance the safety and success of our customers and their employees while driving our own organization’s culture forward.

Drive innovation
Tirelessly pursuing new and renewed products, processes and ideas, understanding that continuous improvement can be disruptive.

Be resilient
Facing the challenges before us, being curious about our potential, and starting from scratch when necessary.

Demonstrate leadership
Knowing that leadership is a behavior and not a position, and actively participating in our successes.

Go the extra mile
Channeling an entrepreneurial spirit and rolling up our sleeves to do the work, whatever the work.

Empowering people
Powering people and their potential is at the heart of our business — both in our mission to protect and save lives and in our day-to-day business operations.

Please contact esg@blacklinesafety.com for additional information or inquiries.