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News Article: Calgary Technology Company Takes Advantage of Worker Safety Initiatives

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety December 12, 2012

Blog-Images-oil-and-gasMario Toneguzzi of the Calgary Herald has just released an excellent article covering recent developments at Blackline GPS. A snippet of the article is found below:

CALGARY — A Calgary technology company that develops and manufactures mobile lone worker safety monitoring devices has secured its first client in the United Kingdom and expects to see the adaptation of its product in more countries in the future.

Blackline GPS has seen sales in its real-time devices, branded Loner, increase five-fold in the last two years, said Cody Slater, the company’s chief executive.

“You’re looking at markets from real estate agents to health-care workers to industrial workers to security guards,” said Slater, whose company has 36 employees. “We’ve got products with building maintenance people as well.

“We have a suite of products under the worker safety area designed for different kinds of applications you run into in the different markets we’re dealing with.”

The product was launched just under two years ago and today...
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