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G6 Single-Gas

The new standard in single-gas detection.

Intro to G6 Single-Gas

With real-time direct-to-cloud connectivity and data insights, the award-winning G6 wearable single-gas detector helps your workers get the help they need quickly in the event of an incident.

And enables you to take timely and informed action to improve safety, manage compliance and boost efficiency.


Trustworthy Gas Detection

G6 automates compliance management to ensure accuracy and eliminate reporting errors. The result? Less hassle for you and more efficient management and gas exposure awareness.

Choose single-gas detection for:

Traditional throwaway, beep-and-flash gas detectors just don’t measure up to the due diligence test anymore. G6 wearables add value by delivering data so you can increase both safety and operational performance.

G6 direct-to-cloud connectivity to the Blackline Live platform and integrated GPS technology provide visibility on worker location during incidents

Rapid response, improved safety

Streamline Incident Response

Take quick and informed action with vital and up-to-date location and safety status information, so you can better protect your workforce.

  • Rapidly locate workers via integrated GPS and real-time connectivity
  • Trigger an emergency SOS manually during critical situations for immediate help
  • Deliver real-time notifications to emergency contacts during high urgency events to keep people informed and aware of hazardous environments
Blackline Live delivers easy-to-read visuals from G6 wearables that help you act quickly on high urgency events or low compliance.
Improve Safety and Compliance
Automated analytics through Blackline Live, gives you proactive insights to improve worker safety and manage compliance—with single-source data all in one platform.
  • Gain insights into how devices are used, calibrated and bump tested to understand worker behaviour and boost compliance.
  • Explore gas exposure data to identify alarm notification patterns and take action to mitigate.
  • Leverage usage patterns and gas exposure data to inform training and tweak procedures for better compliance and safer worksites
  • Enhance adoption with a connected easy-to-use, intrinsically safe devices that requires minimal maintenance

75% of North American environment, health and safety (EHS) managers see significant value in gas detectors with expanded features. They’re also looking for a simpler, more integrated solution to use the data generated from gas detection systems to make better-informed decisions.

Priority Metrics Group, 2022

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS allows workers to send an immediate notification to designated emergency contacts via SMS or email during critical situations.

Boost Operational Efficiency

With fewer lost devices, and less IT burden, G6 delivers a low cost of ownership. G6 connectivity simplifies your device fleet management, reduces IT costs and increases operational efficiency.

  • Connectivity eliminates IT docking infrastructure, deployment time and network maintenance
  • Easily find lost devices with Find My G6 and Blackline Live to save on replacement expenses
  • Choose to own, lease, or rent to maximize your CAPEX or OPEX budgets with a warranty for the length of the term

G6 comes with two flexible service plans, including low monthly pricing, to fit within any budget or safety program.


Unmatched Device Life

Designed to be long-lasting, durable, and futureproofed with no need to redeploy your device fleet every two years, G6 frees up your workers and IT team.

  • Rechargeable battery with up to one year life*
  • Four-year lifespan—more than twice that disposable, single-gas devices—reduces replacement costs
  • Automatic over-the-air updates ensure devices always have the latest features and capabilities
*One-year battery life varies by use and configuration

Did You Know?

G6’s automatic over-the-air firmware and configuration updates save you time and money by eliminating the need for manual upkeep.
The comprehensive

Blackline Safety Ecosystem

G6 devices integrate seamlessly with the rest of our connected safety ecosystem, delivering an array of industry-leading tools and services to help keep teams safe and amplify productivity.

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In large and complex industrial settings like refineries, oil and gas facilities, and petrochemical plants, employee and contractor safety is the number one priority. By embracing connected safety solutions, organizations can not only meet regulatory requirements but also save lives, prevent accidents and foster a culture of safety excellence. Read the full blog to learn more.


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