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Blackline Analytics

Automated reporting. Empowered decision-making

Get a complete view of worker and site safety with the comprehensive Blackline Analytics reporting platform.

This suite of automated reports delivers reliable data and trustworthy information, freeing you from tedious manual work.

Never wait for manual collection of usage data and gas reading information to know if your fleet is compliant and that your teams’ safety is accounted for. Automated reporting ensures accuracy, eliminates reporting errors and improves efficiency.

More Data. Less Work.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and easily identify data-informed opportunities to prevent incidents, improve safety and boost operational performance.

  • Recognize how and when safety devices are used to manage compliance
  • Understand hazards workers are exposed to proactively mitigate them
  • See aggregated trends and worksite comparisons to improve protocols and processes 

Essential Reports

Best-in-class, standard suite to help solve common challenges around compliance, performance, and safety. Out-of-the-box and included with every device service plan, Essential Reports are presented in effortless, ready-made, easy-to-read visuals and interactive dashboards.

Compliance and Fleet Management Analytics
  • Every bump test, calibration, gas exposure and usage session automatically recorded for hassle-free reporting
  • Single source of historical data is stored, and compliance shown, in just a few clicks
  • Device assignment history and associated reporting is effortless 
Performance and Safety Analytics
  • Identify patterns in when and where incidents or gas leaks occur and take action to mitigate
  • Gain insights into how, when and where devices are used to understand worker behaviors, improve scheduling, and amplify productivity
  • Associated reporting includes a robust overview dashboard, gas exposures, events report and more  

Emailed Reports

You decide how you want to receive your Essential Reports. Set up emailed reports on critical metrics direct to your inbox or leverage the suite of interactive reports available in the Blackline Live portal.

Emailed reports are available for alerts, usage, and high gas exposures helping your managers in the field deliver informed safety talks that boost safety culture—all based on recent experiences at your own sites.



Optimize Operations

Reduce the cost and complexity of fleet management by spending less time managing your gas monitors and ensuring you get the most value out of your investment with the latest firmware. 

  • Regular over-the-air firmware updates mean devices are always up-to-date and operating optimally at all times
  • Comprehensive overview of your fleet –including the latest firmware updates, battery life and device/cartridge maintenance notices – all in a single report
Looking to dig even deeper into your data?

Go beyond Essential Reports with Blackline Vision. Our team of data scientists will work with you to uncover patterns and insights in your data to improve safety, efficiency and profitability.


Enovert Uses Data Insights to Mitigate Risk

Discover how a leading landfill and waste resource management company uses Blackline Safety data analytics to enhance gas detection and exposure prevention.

“Data collection and analysis is the present and future of the industrial sector. With the data we’re able to collect, track and analyse, we can respond and adapt quickly if there is a risk of gas exposure, and also look back to take steps to mitigate that risk in the future.  Data is a driving force in keeping our people safe and supporting our commitment to the environment.”
   – Mark Silvester, CEO, Enovert


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