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Empowered decision making, automated reporting

Our portfolio of Blackline Analytics reports, available through the Blackline Live portal, delivers a complete view of your fleet's operations. Easily identify how and where equipment is being used, where hazards are being encountered and even determine which devices are performing well and which can be leveraged better.

Every bump test, calibration, gas exposure and usage session is automatically recorded for hassle-free reporting. Gain insights into how and where equipment is being used, where hazards are being encountered and even identify which gas detection assets are performing well and which can be used better. It’s never been easier to dive deeper into data to uncover safety insights that help power your business.

By leveraging out-of-the-box, integrated connectivity and automated device log collection, we help you build a body of data today, providing measurable performance for tomorrow.

More Data, Less Work


  • Analytics mashupEvents report: Provides a high-level overview of data and allows users to drill down into specifics using filters.
  • Events map: Explores the locations of data events. Multiple occurrences of the same type of event might indicate a recurring issue that could warrant further investigation.
  • Alerts report: Delivers a full breakdown of alerts per device to show device users triggering the most alerts, when and where alerts are occurring and what types of alerts are most common.
  • Gas readings report: Combines charts of gas sensor readings and G7 operating modes with an interactive map to display the timeline associated with gas readings.
  • LEL-MPS readings report: Supports Blackline's LEL-MPS sensors by showing LEL readings over a specified period of time, separated by the classification of gases detected. These readings are shown alongside an interactive map so that you can see where these exposures are occurring and when they are highest.
  • Close contact: Produces a list of all other Blackline device users a worker interacted with, helping to promote proper distancing between workers and understand potential exposures.
  • Usage and compliance report: Displays the total usage and compliance of a fleet’s devices to help determine which users are staying compliant and track overall compliance trends over time.
  • Bump tests and calibrations report: Displays a fleet’s bump tests and calibrations, with the number of tests performed, devices tested and docks used, plus the overall success rate.
  • Devices and cartridges report: Provides a full overview of the status of devices, including their firmware versions and cartridges.
  • Location beacons report: Shows the status and effectiveness of beacons to monitor battery levels and to ensure specific areas of the facility are being visited consistently.
  • Docks report: Shows the locations and usage of G7 Docks. See where your docks are deployed, whether they're being used, plus test /calibration results to track performance.
  • Device logs report: Reviews data from all device alerts over the past seven days and can be exported for future reference.
  • Device assignment history: Tracks changes made to device assignments, device names and organization swaps to help troubleshooting and device management.


Powered by Blackline Vision

Blackline Vision is the engine that takes your data to the next level, delivering the right tools and support leading businesses need to save time and move away from reactive to proactive HSE practices. With a proven track record of helping enterprises achieve the next level in their digital transformation, Blackline Vision data and analytics resources deliver expert knowledge and insights that address your business's critical goals.

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