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Keeping workers connected and operations streamlined.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is an optional feature of your G7c connected gas detector or lone worker monitor that allows the device to function just like a walkie-talkie. At the push of a button, workers can instantly communicate with coworkers on the same channel or easily switch channels to communicate between teams.

G7 with PTT is your all-in-one solution to boost efficiency and streamline operations. With your people connected like never before, seeking help, sharing vital information, or coordinating actions during emergencies has never been easier. With this additional layer of communication, your workers can feel more confident too.

Looking for even more communication options?

Two-way voice and text messaging can also be integrated into your G7 to ensure your workers are always connected. Learn More.

Reliable Communication, No Matter Where You Work

Adding walkie-talkie functionality to your safety program requires no extra or expensive equipment. That’s because PTT capability leverages G7c’s already integrated cellular connectivity—with network coverage in over 100 countries.

Employees in one location can seamlessly speak to other teams on site, across the country and even internationally, without the need for any added infrastructure.

100 Channels to Choose From

G7c users can quickly change channels from the built-in menu system, selecting from 100 options.

  • Devices on the same channel communicate with one another, like a traditional two-way radio.
  • The all-call channel allows a message to be broadcast (by safety supervisors, managers, and the live safety monitoring team) to all G7c devices in a network, across all channels in an organization.

Integrating Equipment, Improving Bottom Lines

G7c is already your go-to for robust gas detection and lone worker monitoring. Layering in instant two-way voice communications through a PTT service plan elevates your safety capabilities even further—all-in one intrinsically-safe device. And you overcome the challenges of purchasing, maintaining, and wearing multiple pieces of equipment.

Efficiency is boosted too for added bottom line impact. For day-to-day communications, workers don’t need to stop mid-task to access a phone or radio, causing a loss of productivity. With PTT, workers can communicate on-the-go directly from their G7c device, helping teams better adhere to project schedules and meet deadlines.

Integrated Bluetooth Capabilities

G7c devices with PTT capability also support the pairing of hands-free audio accessories to enhance two-way voice communication. For more information on Blackline-approved third-party devices, click here.

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