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Push to Talk

Walkie-talkie functionality, made easy

To manage tasks and meet deadlines, teams need to be able to talk to each other throughout a shift without interrupting their workflows.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is an optional feature for G7c that allows devices in the same Blackline Live organization to function just like a walkie-talkie. At the push of a button, you’re connected to your team with 100 channels to choose from, providing one-to-many group communication, one-to-one communication within a group channel, or straight one-to-one communication with a colleague. G7c devices on the same channel are able to have real-time, two-way conversations with one another, but, unlike traditional walkie-talkies, there is no limited transmission range. Using 4G/3G cellular networks to transmit messages, G7c device users can talk to one another regardless of where they are.

Reliable communication, no matter where you work

Adding walkie-talkie functionality to your safety program is seamless – no need to add additional, expensive and disconnected equipment. PTT capability leverages G7c’s integrated cellular connectivity, with network coverage in over 100 countries. Employees in one location can seamlessly speak to other teams on site, across the country and even internationally.

G7c users can quickly change channels from the built-in menu system, selecting from 100 channel options. Devices on the same channel are able to communicate with one another, like a traditional two-way radio. The all-call channel allows a message to be sent to all G7c devices in a network, across all channels in an organization. All-call broadcasts are recommended for safety supervisors, managers and the live safety monitoring team.

Integrating equipment, improving bottom lines

While many businesses haven’t equipped each of their employees with two-way radios, they do provide them with gas detectors or lone worker monitors. G7c with push-to-talk integrates the three functions into one, easy-to-use solution. By combining robust gas detection, lone worker monitoring and instant two-way communications in one device, Blackline helps overcome the challenges of purchasing, maintaining and wearing multiple devices.

Workers often need to stop mid-task in order to access a phone or radio to check-in, confirm their safety or communicate activities, causing a loss of productivity. PTT is ideal for quick, day-to-day communications — send a message with a single button push, and receive messages without touching the device at all. Work doesn’t need to stop in order to communicate, helping teams adhere to project schedules and meet deadlines.

Hassle free, hands-free

With integrated Bluetooth capabilities, G7c lets you get the most from your Push-to-Talk service by improving sound quality, message clarity and more. Blackline Safety offers a range of accessories, from traditional shoulder-worn speakers and small headsets to intrinsically safe headphones and hardhat-mounted ear covers.

G7 and Bluetooth Accessories

With the release of firmware 3.421, G7 now supports the handsfree Bluetooth profile. This means that G7 can connect to audio accessories that support this profile for use with Push-to-Talk.

While you may choose any accessory with the hands-free profile to use, the Blackline team has tested and approved the following for use with G7 for Push-to-Talk purposes. Click here for more information on Blackline-vetted devices.

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