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24/7 Live Monitoring

More Protection. More Peace of Mind.

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When an incident occurs, the clock starts—and it doesn’t stop until help arrives. Harness faster incident response times by linking your connected safety devices to 24/7 live monitoring by professionally trained agents. These experienced professionals are prepared to handle any situation—from lone worker hazards like slips, trips and falls to a gas leak or explosion.

Alerts received in Blackline Live in <2 seconds
Alerts responded to by 24/7 live monitoring services in <60 seconds
Emergency services are dispatched if required


The Help You Need, When You Need It.

Professional 24/7 live monitoring through Blackline Safety’s in-house, five-diamond certified Safety Operations Center (SOC) or our global Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) partners means the safety of your team is covered by real people in real-time—at all times.

Our complete end-to-end monitoring services ensure alerts are responded to and managed quickly, without drawing on your own internal resources. You can focus on your company goals and the jobs at hand, knowing your team’s well-being is accounted for.

Plus, our agents can:

  • Escalate responses to local emergency services if needed
  • Conduct periodic drills and tabletop exercises to test your emergency response protocols
  • Ensure your employees are trained and prepared to respond promptly when contacted by monitoring services during incidents

Five Diamond Points of Excellence

  1. Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL, UL and ISO.
  2. Commitment to the highest levels of customer service.
  3. Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of its central station operators certified using the TMA online training series.
  4. Commitment to raising the industry standards through TMA membership and participation in its activities.
  5. Commitment to reducing false dispatches.


Prepared for anything

Our team is dedicated to providing a 24/7/365 monitoring service, even in the most unforeseeable circumstances, such as environmental emergencies, power outages and pandemics. We adhere to the highest industry standards, which include:

  • Dual back-up internet connections
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Monitoring and support through web-based Blackline Live to support monitoring continuity, even on the move
  • Emergency mobile monitoring equipment
  • Secondary location in case of evacuation
  • Multi-language support for 20 languages 

Streamlined Incident Response













Safety alerts coming into Blackline’s SOC and ARC partners range from missed check-ins or person-down events, to high gas levels or manually triggered requests for help. Each one is managed from receipt through to resolution, adhering to each customer’s unique emergency response protocol, and can quickly escalate to involve local emergency services as needed.

Agents are equipped to trigger and expertly manage evacuations, monitoring workers’ progress to muster points throughout the drill or incident. Agents can scale alerts and communicate instructions to individual workers via two-way voice communication, or to a group or all devices using mass text messaging, ensuring no worker is ever left behind.


Discover how Fernie Snowmobile Association relied on Blackline Safety to protect their volunteers working alone while maintaining 160km of backcountry trails.

“Without the Blackline satellite communications device and being connected to the monitoring center, we wouldn’t have been able to diagnose and respond to the incident”


When a worker at a pipeline terminal in rural Texas lost consciousness, readings from his connected gas detector meant his coworkers knew what to do get help fast—and get themselves out of harm’s way too.


gas detection product familyOur commitment to supporting our lone workers is taken very seriously, and we uphold the highest standards to fulfill this responsibility. To ensure compliance with the standards listed below, we undergo frequent audits, which involve rigorous monitoring, assessment and testing.

  • ISO 9001: International Standard for Quality Management Systems
  • BS 8484:2022: British Standard for the Provision of Lone Worker Devices and Services
  • BS 7858: British Standard for Security Screening
  • EN 50518: European Standard for Alarm Receiving Centres
  • BS 9518: British Standard for the Processing of Alarm Signals by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  • BS 5979:2007: British Standard for Remote Monitoring Centres
  • BS 8418:2015: British Standard for detector-activated CCTV Systems for services provided

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