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Personal Gas
Detection Devices

Robust, configurable, intelligent. Personal gas monitors ensure that your workers are notified of gas hazards in their environment in real time while integrated connectivity means you are notified the minute something happens—and can take corrective action to mitigate future hazards.


G6 Single-Gas

The long-lasting G6 wearable provides single gas detection, cloud connectivity and advanced analytics for complete visibility into your people and facilities. It can help you take informed action, get ahead of possible safety risks and improve operational performance.

G7 Single Gas Detector-1

G7 Single-Gas

With out-of-the-box deployment, seamless integration into existing operations, a broad gas sensor portfolio and more, G7 addresses every facet of your gas detection safety program.

G7 Multi-Gas

We know your teams face an array of potential hazards daily. The G7 Multi-Gas detector allows you to select the right combination of up to five gas sensors for your specific work environment. 

G7 Multi-Gas detector with pump

G7 Multi-Gas Pump

Our multi-gas pump detector gives you unprecedented control over each confined space entry and leak check your team performs.