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Connectivity built into all Blackline hardware devices enables powerful safety monitoring and productivity service options powered by our in-house professional teams. With a proven track record of helping businesses achieve the next level in their safety programs and digital transformations, we deliver the expert support and resources needed to address your business's critical goals.

Gas Detection Data

Custom Analytics – Blackline Vision

Today more than ever, worksites are under the microscope – to do more with less, respond faster and perform better.


24/7 Safety Monitoring

When an incident occurs, the clock starts — and it doesn’t stop until help arrives. What happens in between is in your hands.



Communication is key on every worksite. But the ability to speak directly with coworkers regardless of location, and without a second device, is highly preferred. 


Onboarding & Implementation

As with any technology, your people’s initial impression and experience are key indicators for how much—or how little—they'll use it.

Gas Detection Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

To keep crews safe and projects on schedule and within budget, Blackline Safety offers rental options for our complete portfolio of connected devices.