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How to Buy

Flexible acquisition options

Protect your people with the best and get our connected personal lone worker and gas detection wearables and area monitoring equipment.

We have multiple options to choose from - purchase, lease or rent – to fit your needs. We will work with you on the acquisition model that is best for your business or project.

gas-detection-total-cost-ownership-tcoConcerns about your bottom line and the total cost of ownership of safety solutions?
Read our blog post: How Connected Gas Detection Safety Solutions Reduce TCO



Invest in the future of worker safety. 
Use your CapEx budget to buy any of our devices and software outright. This one-time upfront purchase means the cost can be amortized over multiple years.



Safety today while spreading out the cost. 
As an alternative to purchasing new or upgraded equipment, software and optional services, the ability to pay-as-you go through leasing means you get the safety you need today. 

Leasing is an operational expense, necessary for the day-to-day function of running your business or project. These costs are fully deductible in each tax year they are incurred.
*available in North America and Europe only 



Projects change. Timelines change. Safety doesn’t. 
Short-term projects can be unpredictable, with shifting timelines and scope. Renting gives you a fast and flexible way to keep crews safe, projects on schedule and on budget, even as you adapt on the fly to emerging requirements. 
*North America only


24/7 Live Monitoring

No call for help unanswered, no one ever left  behind.

Custom Data Analytics

Data is hidden on your worksite. Use it to manage projects like never before.

Push-To-Talk Communications

Walkie-talkie functionality, made easy.

See Our Devices in Action

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How Connected Gas Detection Safety Solutions Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

When looking at the hard costs of safety devices, simply tallying the purchase, lease or rental price of the detectors misses some critical factors that play into overall TCO. 

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Shutdowns and Turnarounds: Four Key Considerations For Your Organization 

During shutdowns, Operations Managers need their workers to focus on the tasks at hand. And workers need to be confident that risks are mitigated, and their safety monitored.

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