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Blackline Live

Don’t manage your fleet, master it.

Gain real-time visibility of the wellbeing of your teams and ultimate command over your connected safety fleet with our cloud-based software platform, Blackline Live.  

Log in to your account (included with every Blackline device purchase) and effortlessly configure, assign, monitor and manage your wearable personal gas detection, lone worker and area monitoring equipment—from anywhere you have Internet access. 

Real-Time Alert Management

See your entire fleet on a single screen with the live map view. Simply log in and valuable situational information from all your devices is available at your fingertips at once.

If an alert is received, easily view the type, status, and location in real-time to help quickly find a worker in distress and understand the hazards they face. 


Blackline Live is used by safety monitoring agencies around the world — including our own Safety Operations Center. Monitoring personnel use Blackline Live to gather critical insights and manage emergency alerts in real-time.

g7-gas-detector-pulling-sos-latch"With Blackline Live, I can view where my people are, what their gas levels are, change settings, view their history and see their alerts without needing to move to another screen or tab."

– Health & Safety Manager, leading Energy company  

Streamlined Set-up

Save time by setting up and making changes to your devices online in just minutes—with instant effect.



Configure devices

Tailor or adjust settings to specific working environments, like gas detection limits, lone worker check-in interval or no-motion sensing.



Assign devices

Quickly distribute devices to workers or reassign workers – from the command center or on the go in the field.



Customize emergency response protocols

Set notifications and instruct monitoring personnel how to manage alerts your way since you know what works best for you.



Set access controls

Manage privacy and data security concerns by identifying who can see what information.  


Blackline Live’s automatic over-the-air firmware and configuration updates enhance efficiency and ensure your devices work the way they are supposed to. There’s no need to physically dock the device to update or change configurations and assignments. 

Automated Analytics

Say goodbye to manual data collection and hello to hassle-free reporting. Through Blackline Live, device usage data is collected, sorted and delivered—automatically and seamlessly –into easy-to-read interactive charts, graphs and maps.

Automated reporting with Blackline Analytics:

  • Delivers greater accuracy by eliminating reporting errors
  • Improves efficiency through automated compliance and hazard identification analytics – helping you find ways to improve processes
  • Ensures a complete history of all alerts and events for auditing and reporting purposes
musterpoint-map-evacuation-laptopEFFICIENT DRILLS AND EVACUATIONS

Through Blackline Live, evacuations can be  conducted more efficiently, quickly and confidently. Alert individuals or entire teams across a site, monitor their progress as they migrate to muster points, and easily confirm their safe arrival with no manual record-keeping or head counts needed. And you can use post-evacuation data to identify ways to improve.

Peace-Of-Mind Security

We take our stewardship of client data very seriously, with tight policies and procedures in place to safeguard information.

  • Data protection through Amazon Web Services
  • Data encryption between field devices and cellular carrier
  • Single-sign on and multi-factor authentication
  • SOC 2 and GDPR certified
  • Separate European and North American domains to process and store your data in country of origin

Industry-Leading Reliability and Access

Blackline Live is supported by our technology partners Amazon Web Services, Google Maps, and Microsoft PowerBI. Together they enable over 99.5% uptime, availability and online access 24/7 from anywhere in the world. And as a cloud-hosted web portal, Blackline Live doesn’t need IT-approved downloads or the installation of costly infrastructure to access.



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