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Equipment Rental Services

Keeping projects safe and on time


Gain visibility into the safety and productivity of your next short-term project.

Ensuring the safety of a small crew or several hundred tradespeople during turnarounds, shutdowns, for a major construction project or any short-term project is a challenge. To keep crews safe and projects on schedule and within budget, Blackline Safety offers rental options for our complete portfolio of connected personal gas detectors, area monitors, lone worker wearables and accessories.

If we build it, you can rent it. Supplement your fleet with comprehensive rental options whether you need one device or 1000.

Projects change. Timelines change. Safety doesn’t.

We understand short-term projects can be unpredictable. Through Blackline’s rental program, you have the flexibility to adjust or cancel your rental plan on the fly.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly rental options available.
  • Cancel without penalty.
  • Flexible, on-demand equipment – adjust inventory as project needs change.
  • Same-day shipping or walk-ins available in certain areas.

But you aren’t just renting a device. You also receive our software, Blackline Live, delivering real-time visibility into the safety and efficiency of your workers and contractors.

Save costs and lives.

Staying on budget is a critical factor to determine a project’s success. We understand the importance of controlling costs and have built our gas detection rental program with that top-of-mind.

  • Instant access to industry-leading connected safety devices and
  • With GPS location, misplaced devices can be easily located,
    greatly minimizing replacement costs or downtime.
  • Pay for only the time and devices you need.
  • Minimal maintenance means more time-on-tools.
  • Blackline delivers a 5% surplus on the number of devices rented
    to ensure there is no downtime if devices need to be serviced or
    are temporarily misplaced.
  • Device rentals include online software with built-in reports for full
    site visibility (including current compliance status) without added IT or set-up costs.
80% of all turnarounds are over budget by more than 10%. 
TA Cook and Solomon Associates, 2019
Simple. Robust. Configurable.

One incident could have tragic consequences – Blackline Rentals
provide simple to operate devices so workers can focus on their job,
not their equipment.

  • With the push of a button, a device is up and running in mere
  • Simple to use so minimal training or maintenance required.
  • Devices automatically update over-the-air so you’ll always
    have the latest features without requiring users to dock the
  • Every device configured or re-configured as needed with
    automatic updates.

Connected workers reduce operational spend by 8.5% and wearables increase productivity by 8%.

Visual Capitalist, 2020

Experience next level service that goes well beyond equipment.

We don’t just take orders. Blackline takes a consultative approach to rental projects to ensure a well-planned and customized safety solution with devices is received.

  • Collaborate with Blackline’s team to develop a rental program optimized specifically for your project.
  • Optional 24/7 safety monitoring by Blackline’s Safety Operations Center.
  • Robust data analytics services available.

Our technology is used across more than a dozen industries to protect their most valuable asset — their people.

Rent gas detector
“Over the years we’ve evaluated a number of different systems and Blackline Safety is the only one I think could realistically save a life. In particular, the no-motion sensor separated them from the competition.”

– Enmax

Learn today for a more productive tomorrow.

Blackline’s devices are more than just simple gas detectors. The real-time data streamed during a project can be analyzed to identify opportunities to increase efficiencies, so you can shave valuable time off the next project.

  • Insights into all incidents and compliance status in real -time knowing when and where they occurred so you can proactively send a response or a maintenance crew.
  • Each incident is time and location-stamped for easy incident review—no more manual data collection and alert reporting
  • Rent connected devices and access Blackline Vision data scientists to do a one-off efficiency analysis of a project to streamline future ones.

Did You Know?

All of our devices integrate seamlessly within the rest of our connected safety ecosystem, delivering an array of industry-leading tools and services to help keep your teams safe and amplify your productivity.



Shutdowns and Turnarounds: Four Key Considerations For Your Organization

During shutdowns, Operations Managers need their workers to focus on the tasks at hand. And workers need to be confident that risks are mitigated, and their safety monitored. Equipping each worker on site with a gas detector is vital.

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