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CONNECTED protection of your most valuable resource. Your people.


Because wherever there’s a need for safety, we’re there.


No one knows the risks—or has the oil and gas industry covered— better than Blackline with our ecosystem of connected safety solutions and analytics.

We can help you get your workers home safe—every day—with personal and area gas monitoring that protects them from explosions, falls, confined spaces, potentially dangerous hazards like toxic gases and VOCs, or working alone.


connected gas detection devices with software

Blackline gets workers home safe and sound.


Protected because they’re connected.

Whether it’s a lone worker in the field, an entire facility needing to be monitored for potential gas hazards or an emergency response or evacuation, nothing is more important than reliable connectivity. G7 wearables’ instant connectivity allows you to locate any team member, in any location, at any time using GPS, cellular or satellite connectivity and two-way communications.


Uncompromised visibility into every situation to keep your team safe.

A large part of dealing with incidents, is preventing them from happening in the first place. Blackline Live, our safety and productivity software platform, allows you to protect your workforce with real-time visibility into the status of every connected device to ensure the safety of every worker. With data analytics, you’ll have historical data to help you identify and anticipate potentially dangerous situations so that changes in safety measures can be taken to further protect workers.


Durable. Reliable. Versatile.

Whether it’s the harsh environment of a refinery, a confined space entry or an extended job in the extreme heat or cold, with Blackline, you get the most rugged, reliable and durable safety products that perform brilliantly in extreme conditions. With 100-day battery life and added power through the intrinsically-safe charging port or optional solar panel, G7 EXO is an area monitor with built-in cost and time savings. In addition to being a leading connected single-gas to five-gas detector with or without pump, G7 wearables offer versatile safety features beyond gas detection including fall detection, missed check-in alarms, two-way communication and push to talk functionality.

The connectivity and software to further protect your team.

Blackline’s connected safety and robust software offering provide the oil and gas industry with solutions that offer ultimate protection from worksite hazards and help you run a more efficient operation.

Next-level safety – The Blackline Live online portal allows you to manage your G7 connected safety devices, monitor your facility and your workforce’s well-being in real-time, respond to emergencies and report on collected data. Simple compliance is no longer good enough.

Unmatched visibility – Blackline Analytics provides a complete view of your connected safety fleet’s compliance, usage and alert data in a single, easy-to-use tool. Analyze real-time and historical data to anticipate potentially dangerous situations and prevent incidents from happening.

Enhanced productivity – Connected devices deliver data that can uncover opportunities to increase operational efficiency, offering the potential to save millions in lost revenue.

Optimized responses – Comprehensive safety monitoring and mass notifications give you complete and swift control of evacuation and emergency management.

Always at the ready – Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center is staffed 24/7 with professionally trained monitoring agents focused exclusively on ensuring the safety of your people.

The connected devices you need for unparalleled safety.

With Blackline’s comprehensive suite of safety devices, you get a complete ecosystem that leaves no aspect of worker or worksite safety to chance. Whether it is personal safety monitoring, gas detection or area monitoring, every G7 solution offers turn-key connectivity and versatility.

Trustworthy protection – Poison-immune combustible gas monitoring with broad spectrum LEL detection

Efficient execution – Connect in minutes wherever the device is placed or worn

Built for extremes – Face the toughest and most rugged conditions, on any worksite, anywhere in the world

Ready and reliable – The G7 EXO’s100+ days of battery life allows devices to remain in operation longer, reducing the manpower needed to swap batteries or devices and the number of permits required.

Direct-to-Cloud connectivity – Industry-leading cellular and optional satellite connectivity for extremely remote areas (e.g. bring the magnetic satellite bridge with you from your truck to your ATV), streaming all data directly to the cloud

Low cost of ownership – G7 EXO’s extra-long battery life eliminates the need to purchase extra monitors, saving tens of thousands of dollars. And with connected wearables, you can easily locate a lost device Immediate awareness - Text and email alerts keep you fully aware of current status and active situations

No nonsense – Eliminate the need for LEL correction factors, minimizing unnecessary and costly evacuations from false readings

Maximum flexibility – Thousands of gas detection configurations available in single-gas to five-gas detectors with or without a pump

Uncompromised safety – Extensive person down safety features including fall detection, missed check-in alarms, an S.O.S. latch to call for immediate assistance and no-motion detection, two-way communications and push-to-talk functionality

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The comprehensive safety ecosystem that’s there when you need it.

Safety beyond compliance.

With Blackline’s connected safety solutions and data, you can review gas exposure reports, analyze heat maps of hazardous incident locations and see compliance trends over time. Unsure of the current bump and calibration status of every device in the field for your operation? Blackline Live gives real-time visibility into every connected device so you can take steps to ensure the safety of your workers. With connected wearables that deliver data analytics for real-time compliance, you’ll have full confidence that you’re not only compliant, you’re also proactively working to improve the safety of your team.

Minimize lost revenue and avoid safety incidents during turnarounds and shutdowns.

Whether it’s a planned turnaround, shutdown or an unforeseen outage, oil and gas facilities need to periodically take assets and processes offline and suspend production. This creates challenges with workplace productivity and safety for regular employees as well as contract workers that are less familiar with the facility and its standard safety procedures.

The flexibility to buy, lease or rent G7 wearable devices and area monitors gives the option for Operations Managers, Safety Managers and contractors to acquire products as needed under either CAPEX or OPEX budgets.

And Blackline Vision uses the data already being collected from your G7 connected devices to uncover opportunities to increase operational efficiency and productivity during a turnaround or shutdown – saving hours or days of work to get assets back online faster.

When speed and visibility are vital to the safety of your team.

You never want to experience evacuations, but when you do, you’ll want Blackline by your side. With G7, you can see the real-time location of each connected worker. And you can provide mass notifications to direct teams and individuals to the nearest muster point. Push-to-talk functionality provides constant communication between on-site workers, while Blackline Live provides real-time visibility, including gas readings, team well-being and other information to track the emergency response. Eliminate time-consuming manual headcounts and ensure no one gets left behind.

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