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G7 Lone Worker

No call unanswered. No incident undetected.

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G7 Lone Worker monitors ensure your most vulnerable team members are never truly alone but connected through a wearable technology lifeline that links them to immediate help if needed.

Approximately 15-20% of the workforce are lone workers.
And of those, 44% felt unsafe while at work with almost 20% struggled to get help after an incident. (
EHS Today)

Unmatched Protection in One Platform

Trustworthy connectivity—anytime, anywhere

Know your people are within reach, in even the most remote locations, with reliable coverage in over 100 countries around the world.

  • Built-in cellular connectivity, with optional satellite* and portable bridge, for remote or hard-to access locations
    *not available in all regions
  • Location technology, including geo-stamped alert status from any internet-connected device
  • Direct-to-cloud data streaming for real-time information and worker visibility at your fingertips

Integrated cellular connectivity means your people are connected to a network in mere seconds, as soon as the device is turned on—no expensive intrinsically safe smartphones, apps, hidden subscription costs or added infrastructure needed!

Layers of Communication for Immediate Emergency Response

G7 Lone Worker monitors can send a cry for help to monitoring personnel through an emergency latch, and even if the wearers can’t, through automatic and time-based alerts. These layers of communication provide comprehensive protection to address common lone worker emergency situations like health and weather events, motor vehicle accidents, falls and more.

Ensure your most vulnerable team members are never truly alone but connected through a wearable technology lifeline that links them to immediate help if needed.

Automatic Alerts



Detects a person-down event when an employee is motionless.

Automatic Alerts



Senses if a worker trips, slips or falls, then triggers an alarm.

Time-Based Alerts



Identifies when a team member misses a scheduled wellness confirmation.

Manual Alerts



Manual patented emergency SOS latch generates instant visible and audible alarm and alerts monitoring personnel.

Lone Worker Safety Case Study
“If we didn’t have the Blackline device and the AED, I don’t think [our employee] would be alive today. This goes to show the importance of having both lone worker devices and AEDs in place”

– Human Resources Manager, Marmon/Keystone

Marmon/Keystone Uses Personal Monitoring Devices to Protect Workers and Save Lives

Using Lone Worker Monitoring Technology to Protect Workers

This NSC, Work To Zero whitepaper identifies strategies for protecting lone workers with a case study that features Blackline Safety’s connected safety wearables.


Workplace Violence and Lone Workers

Lone workers, due to the nature of working alone without access to others, are highly vulnerable. One of their biggest threats comes from violence in the workplace. Read full blog to learn more strategies to get ahead of a rising risk.


More Connected than Ever

Your cloud-connected G7 Lone Worker has optional add-on communication features—like text messaging and push-talk, and when paired with live monitoring, is the most comprehensive all-in-one connected solution on the market.

Text and push-to-talk

Add on additional communication avenues so you always have a reliable way to keep in touch.

  • Text messaging for mass notifications—particularly useful to streamline evacuation management
  • Push-to-Talk (using the device like a walkie-talkie) for easy communication between teams
  • Two-way voice communication so first responders can connect directly with lone workers during an emergency

Ensure your workers are always connected through multiple communication options to meet your safety needs.

24/7 live professional monitoring
Pair cloud-connected G7 Lone Worker with live monitoring to deploy an instant and informed emergency response.
  • Optional professional round-the-clock live monitoring through Blackline Safety’s in-house Safety Operations Center (SOC)
  • SOC agents Five-Diamond Certified, meaning they are empowered to escalate responses to dispatch local emergency services to the employee’s exact location
  • From receipt through to resolution, responses are executed according to your custom emergency response protocol

Alerts received in Blackline Live in <2 seconds
Alerts responded to by 24/7 live monitoring services in <60 seconds
Emergency services are dispatched if required

Always ahead of the curve

Blackline futureproofs your connected safety system, protecting your investment. G7 Lone Worker is completely customizable and can be configured to accommodate diverse safety monitoring needs.

  • Easily converts to a personal gas detection monitor with single-gas, multi-gas and multi-gas pump options
  • No limit to the number of devices in your network
  • Update your devices as your business grows, without having to purchase an additional fleet

G7 Lone Worker is ready when you are. On-the-fly device assignments are easy using a barcode scanner. Change from one user to another in just seconds, making shift-changes a seamless operation.


Introducing Alertlink

Improve safety with immediate proximity-based warning alerts for urgent events, ensuring swift action and enhanced protection for every worker.



Intuitive and Insightful Reporting

  • Information on all incidents and compliance status in real-time knowing when and where they occurred
  • Access time and location-stamped data for easy incident review—no more manual data collection and alert reporting
  • Identify patterns in when and where incidents occur and take action to mitigate further risk
  • Gain insights into how, when and where devices are used to understand worker behaviors, improve scheduling and amplify productivity

Did You Know?

With online device configuration and automatic over-the-air updates, your equipment will always operate exactly how you need it to, with zero downtime.

G7x lone worker safety device

All our devices integrate seamlessly into our connected safety solution, delivering industry-leading capabilities to keep your teams safe and amplify your productivity.



With integrated 4G connectivity, G7c automatically watches over employees and lone workers, instantly linking them to Blackline Live via available cellular networks. Workers can take comfort knowing they can communicate with monitoring personnel or control room staff in real-time using the optional two-way speakerphone. G7c delivers simple, robust connectivity to account for the wellbeing of workers across all industries — without ever having to manually configure a network.



The G7x system leverages satellite connectivity to wirelessly link workers to Blackline Live via the robust Iridium satellite network, wherever they may be working. Users can communicate with monitoring or control room personnel via two-way text messaging to account for their safety or communicate critical situational insights during an incident. Consisting of our G7x wearable monitor and G7 Bridge portable Iridium satellite uplink unit, the G7x system ensures the wellbeing of your teams is always accounted for — even in the most remote or offshore locations.

*Only available in North America, Australia, New Zealand and South America (excluding Brazil).

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