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Leasing Devices

Safety today without the upfront cost

*North America and Europe only

As an alternative to the outright purchase of new or upgraded equipment, the ability to pay-as-you go through leasing provides the benefit of shifting the costs to the Operational Expenses (OpEx) as part of the day-to-day function of running your business. Get a low payment, amortized over the warranty period and record your Blackline lease as an operational expense without touching your capital purchase budget.

OpEx and leasing benefits:

Single gas detector shutdowns and turnarounds refinery workers
  • No or low upfront costs.
  • The low or zero upfront cost associated with an OpEx purchase means that budget approval is often easier.
  • Spread expenses out over the course of a year, or multiple years.
  • Leased equipment from Blackline Safety is always under warranty.
  • Costs are fully deductible in the current tax year reducing corporate income tax.
  • Predictable and flexible expense with less of an impact to immediate cash flow.
  • Decreased investment risk since capital is not tied up. 


Looking for other ways to aquire devices?

Optional Services

No call for help unanswered, no one ever left behind.

24/7 Live Monitoring

When an incident occurs, the clock starts — and each passing minute could make the difference between a rescue or a recovery. But not every company has the available resources to oversee the safety of their staff 24/7. 

Outsourcing safety monitoring to Blackline’s Safety Operations ensures:

  • 99% of calls are answered in under 60 seconds.
  • Local emergency services can be dispatched as needed.
  • Responders will be provided with the details of the incident before arriving, so they are fully prepared.
  • Evacuations are expertly managed and workers’ progress to muster points is monitored to ensure everyone makes it to safety. 


Get even deeper insights with Blackline Vision

Custom Analytics and Reporting Services

Our team of data scientists can help you get more information and insights through visualizations, predictive reporting and tools that empower informed decision-making and move you from reactive to proactive HSE practices. 

The Blackline Vision team works with you to:

  • Take data from your connected safety technology to the next level
  • Uncover patterns and insights in your data to improve safety, productivity and profitability
  • Develop purpose-built reports and dashboards tailored to your specific needs


Integrate your gas detection, lone worker safety and communication devices in one.

Next-Level Communications

Communication is key for every worker, whether it be to a single fellow employee, a team or the entire workforce. By combining robust gas detection, lone worker monitoring and instant two-way communications in one device, Blackline helps overcome the challenges of purchasing, maintaining and wearing multiple devices.

Layers of communication

  • Manual - patented SOS latch so your people can send an emergency call for help
  • Automatic - automated no motion and fall detection let your G7 send an alert when your people can’t
  • Time-based - identifies when a team member misses a scheduled check-in

Stay connected.

  • Customized mass notification text message allows for communications to be sent to specific groups, individuals, or the entire workforce – ideal for evacuations
  • Two-way voice communications allow responders to directly connect with workers during an emergency
  • G7’s Push-To-Talk is ideal for quick, day-to-day communications between teams


How Connected Gas Detection Safety Solutions Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

When looking at the hard costs of safety devices, simply tallying the purchase, lease or rental price of the detectors misses some critical factors that play into overall TCO. 

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